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Summon a Fingermon using barcodes!
Let’s become the Fingermon League Champion!

While testing out his teleporter, Doctor Philip accidentally scans a barcode and summons a Fingermon.
After this incident, other people also found out that they can summon Fingermon using a barcode or QR code on the teleporter.
These specially selected people with the ability to summon Fingermon are called Connectors.
3 years since then, the Fingermon League, a sport in which Connectors battle using Fingermon, has become the most popular sport.

As a newly selected Connector, you have been invited to Fingermon League to take part in the League.

Now, scan the barcode to collect Fingermon,
and take on various Fingermon Leagues to become the Champion!

Take a picture of the barcode or QR code to summon Fingermon
A unique combat system that utilizes flicks
160 different types of Fingermon
Each Fingermon possesses different stats and skills depending on the barcode or QR code it is from, even if they’re the same monster
50 powerful skills with various effects
4 types of main Leagues and various Event Leagues
Boss Hunting where you have to fight using all your Fingermon
Field Hunting where you can capture wild Fingermon on the field
Compete against rivals and take on the challenge to become the Champion of the 4 major Leagues


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